Amberley Pony Club 2015-16

District Commissioner - Fiona Harris

President - Sam Copeland

Secretary- Rachael Mahan

Minutes Secretary- Phil Talbot

Treasurer- Helen Douglas-Withers

Chief Coach- Clare Dunlop

Teams Selection Committee/Assistant Coaches- Clare Dunlop, Tracy Chapman, Mark Crean, Sam Copeland, Lynette Gray

ODE Event Organiser - Kate Anderson

Jumping Day Event Organiser- Kate Anderson (Cheviot), Phillipa Somerville (Amberley)

Derby Day Event Organiser- Rachel Mahan

Amberley Dressage Cup - TBC

Rally Coordinator- Chief Coach and Linda Bradbury assisting

Website Coordinator- Lisa McPherson

Teams Event Coordinator- Angela Bailey

Member Liaison/member Coordinator- Rachael Mahan

Health and Safety Coordinator - Rachael Mahan, Sarah Dalzell assisting

Grounds & Buildings- Sarah Dalzell

Team Uniforms- Linda Bradbury

Team Saddle Blankets- Angela Bailey

Games Coordinator- Grant Dunlop

Fundraising Coordinator- Kate Anderson

Sponsorship- Noel McGirr

Newsletter/Publicity- Ebony Ford

Certificate Coordinator- Phillipa Somerville

CPC Delegates- Tracey Chapman & Marissa Donnithorne

Amberley Branch Constitution

Job Descriptions

Area President
Area Secretary
Area Treasurer

Branch Club or Area Coach
Branch Head Coach
Branch President
Branch Secretary
Branch Treasurer

Club Assistant District Commissioner
Club Chief Coach
Club District Commissioner
Club Secretary
Club Treasurer

D - B Level Pony Club Examiners

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